Czech Language

Czech is the offical language of the Czech Republic, spoken by virtually the entire population of 10 million people. It is closely related to Slovak, spoken in Slovakia, the two languages in fact being mutually intelligible.
Czech is a Slavic language written in the Roman script. The foundations of the alphabet were laid by the great religious reformer Jan Hus, in the early 15th century. The letters q, w, and x are missing, while c is pronounced ts (e.g., cena—price), ch as in German (kachna—duck), and j as y (jazyk—language). Acute accents lengthen the vowels (kámen—stone), while a circle over the u produces a long oo sound (dum—house). The chevron over c, s, and z produces ch, sh, and zh respectively (cislo—number, kos—basket, zivot—life). But n is pro-nounced ny as in "canyon" (dan—tax), e is pronounced ye (mesto—city), and r is pronounced rzh, as in the name Dvorak. The letter r serves as a vowel, producing such strange-looking words as krk (neck), smrt (death), and (ivri (quarter). The stress is always on the first syllable.

Czech is spoken/used in the following countries: Czech Republic, United States of America.

Language Family

Subgroup: Slavic
Branch: Western

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